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The podiatry brokers at Podiatry Practice Sales, LLC help sellers and buyers of podiatry practices. Since 2005, Podiatry Practice Sales, LLC has been successfully connecting and matching podiatrists. Here are 5 tips for potential buyers when considering the purchase of a podiatry practice;

1. Get your finances in order: Banks generally require that a podiatrist have 2 years of on the job experience and they want to see at least 2 years tax returns working in your field.

2. Don't wing it: Get your financials together and begin making photo copies of your diplomas and medical license. Get your bank statements collected for the 12 previous months. Bank statements? Why? The bank wants to see that you actually get paid and that the money comes from your podiatry work.

3. Get pre-approval first: It's a great idea to obtain a pre-approval letter from a bank. Waiting until you find a practice, negotiate terms, and wait for a closing will only delay the process by 2-3 months.

4. Be prepared to sign a Confidentiality Agreement or NDA: You would be surprised how many buyers want a seller to send a stranger their financials without knowing who the buyer is and knowing that the potential buyer will keep its proprietary information secure. We have seen deals never get past the simple execution of a signed CA or NDA!

5. Know the process: It's a good idea to become familiar with the proper sequence of each step of the sales process. Not being familiar with the correct protocols can end your deal before it gets started.

The podiatry brokers at Medical Operations Group can help a buyer and seller keep their deal glued together with less red tape than if you try to do it on your own. If you want to chat, send us an email at or visit us at

Disclaimer: We do not service Florida or California

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